Everyone is pleased and happy to be back playing grassroots football at Wembdon FC.

We all get excited on match day, encouraging our children and their teams by cheering them on but sometimes we forget that we are watching youth football.

Can we please remind everyone to stay within the supporters area and behind the respect rope. Respect all the Coaches, Referees and Linesmen who are volunteering their time to allow for matches to be played.

We ask that you read and observe theĀ  spectators-and-parents-code-of-conduct.

Each match has a volunteer Respect Observer (they will be wearing a Respect Bib) who can intervene on the Coaches, Referees and Linesmen behalf before any situation can escalate.

If there are any persistent problems from parents / spectators they could be asked to leave the ground, if the club receive a fine from the FA for mis-control this will be passed onto the guilty party for them to pay.